CZ Art Design has a rich history spanning 15 years in the art industry. We specialize in two main areas: minimalist art and abstract expressionism, with all pieces meticulously hand-painted. Our studio is based in Xiamen, a scenic coastal city in China.

Creativity is our cornerstone at CZ Art Design. Our team of three passionate artists collaborates seamlessly to bring visions to life. We create, recreate, and work together, fostering an environment where fun and productivity go hand in hand. With boundless passion and inspiration, we are dedicated to building our dreams and shaping our future.

Meet Our Team

Celine Ziang
Beyond her mastery of creating and painting, Celine leads customer service and communications efforts, ensuring every interaction reflects our commitment to excellence.

Ethan Hill
A long-time friend of Celine since college, Ethan shares her passion for minimalism and creativity. Together, they embrace a similar work style, constantly innovating and pushing boundaries in their artistic pursuits.

Doug Hyde
We have created another website for Doug Hyde,, because his artwork style and form are distinctly different from those of Celine and Ethan.

Within our trio of artists, Celine Ziang and Ethan Hill specialize in minimalist art. This style allows them to produce their works in varying sizes, tailored to diverse interior design needs. As a result, their pieces are predominantly made-to-order, taking a few days to complete upon receiving an order.

In contrast, Doug Hyde’s approach diverges significantly. Beyond his technical proficiency, Doug’s artworks are characterized by spontaneous emotional expression, imbuing them with an irreplaceable quality. Consequently, his pieces are readily available from stock and can be shipped immediately.

We are committed to making our art the highlight of your home through continuous learning and hard work. Every piece is crafted with patience and passion, and we take pride in expanding our business through a strong reputation built on quality and customer satisfaction.

Join us on our journey as we continue to create and innovate, driven by our shared love for art and dedication to craftsmanship.





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