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Celine Ziang Art is our previous shop name when sell on Etsy, this is the profile: We have closed it since Feb.22nd, 2017, and have concentrated on this website since then. 

This is our OFFICIAL and ONLY website, we DON'T sell anywhere else but here!!! 


In the past 9 years, CZ Art Design (Celine Ziang Art) has worked a lot with interior designers, decorators, stagers, builders, contractors, etc., the more we work with them, the more we feel we can do better for them.

This is our original intention to build the website, to make our client's work easier and more efficient. As long as client picks a painting, we can always adjust the size and shape to fit their specific requirements.

Every design falls into 4 shapes/orientations, and 4-6 sizes available for each item. Besides that, custom size is also available, we will try all the best to make a perfect-fit art just for you!

Color is alway the main key. To stay in trend, we keep doing research, never stop learning, consistently trying new thing in our design. The shop owner, Celine, she even took interior design classes, to get to know more about the designers, then work closer and provide better service to them.

Celine, Leo, LinXiang, Dao, Biao, we study and work hard to make our artwork a highlight to your home. Learn more about our TEAM


CZ ART DESIGN, Simple.Modern.Perfect.

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